Best Ikea ÄPPLARÖ Patio Hack – Shabby to Chic

So earlier in the year, when CoVid happened and we all were confined to the walls of our home, I wanted to extend our living space and utilize our Lanai (screened back porch) more often. However, it was not a pretty sight so I started making a few changes to the space. I started with a feature plant wall that made a huge statement to our tiny space.

I had an ÄPPLARÖ patio set from Ikea but the red stain on it did not fit the vision I had for this space. I didn’t want to invest in a new patio set, nor did I want to go through the trouble of selling it online at a time where we were all keeping our social distance. I started googling Ikea Patio hacks and nothing I was looking for showed up. Days later I gave up on the search and decided I was going to figure it out on my own. I had no plans in mind but I knew the red stain had to go. I took out my power sander, starting sanding the entire table and there was no looking back. Once the table was down to its raw wood, it became clear to me what I had wanted to do with it.

Here is the before and after of the table:

Here are the exact steps I took to transform this table:

  1. With my power sander and 80 grit sand paper, I sanded the top, side and the legs of the table. (I did not sand the bottom or in between the slats. You could if you want to, but it would be a lot more time-consuming and the red stain in between the slats didn’t bother me) This process took about 2-3 hours. You could also strip it first with a finish stripper. This way you wouldn’t have to sand for so long.

2. Once you have the top, side and legs down to raw wood, I used 220 grit sandpaper and sanded the table again to get a smooth finish.

3. Once the table was smooth, I wiped it down with a wet cloth making sure the table was clean from any dust/debris and let it dry completely.

4. I then used frog tape to create the line where I wanted the black to start on the legs. (the tape is above the line where you want to paint).

5. Then I used this can of spray paint and painted the legs.

6. To seal the wood, I used many different products. This is where it got tricky because the first few products I used change the color of the wood slightly. I didn’t want that and had to re-sand the entire table. I ended up using Polycrylic Matte finish which added a slight sheen to it but kept the wood relatively close to the natural wood color. However, next time I would attempt using the soap finish method that I saw from @mymoderndom (

This Ikea patio table went from shabby to chic with a little elbow grease and about $6 for the can of spray paint. Everything else I had on hand. This is one of my favorite DIYs ever as I was able to keep the existing table while ensuring it fits into the rest of my home decor.

Here is the full video tutorial

If you do attempt this project, I would love to see your final result so make sure to share your project with me on Instagram @xomyhome.

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

So two nights ago, I stayed up until 1am determined to finish checking off everyone on my Christmas list and I did it guys! It was a long might but it felt so good to be done. I had 40 people to get gifts for (Yes, I know! I come from a very big family). While I was clicking away, I had a thought that maybe a few of you last minute shoppers might benefit from my list. I know there are a lot of Holiday Gift Guides roaming around the Internet right now so I’m not going to recreate one with tons of suggestions. My list includes exact items that I purchased or were gathered from my recipients’ want list. Most of these gifts are for kids.  There are many sale items on this list. If you act now, you’ll still be able to receive everything by Christmas Eve so here you go:

For the Boys


For the girls


Books for Kids


For Her


For Him


For Mom


For Dad



XO My Home

The Never Ending Mom Toss up between a Minivan and SUV

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be driving around town in a minivan. Well it happened! The never ending mom dilemma is real guys! I asked you guys on Instagram whether you were team minivan or team SUV and so many of you chimed in. Many of you were pretty adamant that you would NEVER be a minivan mom and offered some great 3 row SUV options. And there were some of you that swore by the minivan and felt it would be best for us given the stage of life that we are in.

“I am NOT a minivan kind of mom!” Those are words that have been ingrained in me for many many years. Why? Honestly, there is no real good reason for it, other than it being an aesthetic thing. Let’s be serious here, minivans are in no shape or form cool looking and I am TOTALLY cool right? LOL. Perhaps it’s me, along with some other fellow moms, trying to hold on to a bit of our pre-kid self. This debate is something I dwelled on for many months, while visiting numerous dealerships trying to rationalized why an SUV was a better fit. I guess if I had to put forth this much effort in finding justification, then deep down inside I must have known what the best option was. A real heart versus head battle within the XO My Home body.


So here it is, I’m laying it all out for you why I made the leap in case you are ever in the same predicament as us:

  1. Trunk space: Unless you are going for gas guzzling monster of an SUV, there is just not enough trunk space once you put up that third row for a third child. I consider myself quite the minimalist but once you throw a stroller in the mix, there just isn’t enough room for much else. We were only considering mid size SUVs.
  2. Access: Getting in and out of a minivan is so much easier. It is lower to the ground yet taller so you don’t need to hurt yourself bending over to strap those 5 point harnesses in. The kids can hop on and off with little effort.  We looked at many SUVs searching for different mechanisms that would allow the boys to access the third row on their own. For the most part, it was too difficult or too heavy for the boys to move the second row seat themselves in order to get to their seat in the back. Some SUVs do have the option for captains chair in the second row and this does make it easier for kids to get in and out. However, for adults you would still have to crouch quite a bit.  If you have aging parents, this is something to note.
  3. Sliding doors: This somewhat ties in with point number 2 and was actually not a deal breaker for me. However, I think it is worth mentioning here. The automatic sliding doors are quite amazing as you would never have to worry whether the car parked next to you left you enough room to get in and out. You’ll never be left frustrated and crying bloody murder as you squeeze yourself in between the two cars trying to strap your little one in. And in our case, the sliding doors are automatic and that is helpful for younger kids. They can let themselves into the car rather than waiting for you to pull on that heavy SUV door for them.
  4. My kids love it. They voted for the minivan from the beginning as they think it is the coolest car ever. I am sure that will change at some point but in their eyes right now, I totally have Cool Mom status! a62711fa-425f-4ab6-988f-07f30e05be2b 2.JPG
  5. Energy Efficient: This may or may not apply to you. We opted for the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as it allows us to reduce our energy consumption as a family. I love the idea that most of our day to day drive, we won’t be burning fuel, doing our small part in making this world a better and cleaner place for our children.
  6. Last but not least, the aestethics. Yes minivans have come along way but there are some beautiful and sleek looking SUVs out there. However, I am choosing not to make it matter to me.  I absolutely want to be that mom that is chauffeuring my kids and their friends around town to different events and activities and the minivan just fit the bill. However, I’ll be doing it while rocking my cool mom graphic tees and designer handbags.

There you have it! I hope if you are ever debating wether you could become a minivan mom or not, that you find this helpful.




Simple Ways to Style a Sophisticated Coffee Table

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” ~ Leonardo Davinci. This is a motto that guides my design principles.

I like to keep things simple and minimal allowing each design feature and decor item to speak for itself. This is the same rule I apply when I am styling a coffee table.


Tips on how to style a coffee table that will accommodate almost any style:

  1. I always love adding fresh flowers, plants or greenery to add life and color to a room. It could be as simple as fresh flowers in a mason jar, as I have here, or potted plants or some faux greenery in a vase.
  2. I have a number of items on my coffee table such as the candle, vase, paper weight and bead garland. To keep it looking clean and clutter free, I added a tray to store all the items. I chose a tray that complements the decor of my home. In my case I chose this gold mirror tray that really ties in all the pieces adding a level of sophistication to the overall look of the coffee table.
  3. To create visual interest, I added some contrasting pieces such as the natural wood bead garland wrapped around the mason jar next to the polish gold apple paper weight. The different material choices immediately draws your attention to it, not in a negative way but in a complementary way.
  4. The purpose of the candle here is to add varying height to the coffee table. If everything on the table is the same height, it will often look boring and cluttered. By adding objects with varying heights it keeps the eye moving and captivated. That and I simple love candles. You’ll see them pretty much in every room of my house (with the exception of the kid’s room and their bathroom). They are pretty to have around but also keep the house smelling fresh!
  5. Coffee table books are just one of my favorite accessories in the house. Find one that interests you and they are often very well designed so it looks great in any home. It also allows your guest something to browse when they are visiting. Magazines are also great options and you can always stack them to create varying height as mentioned above in #4. Rule of thumb: stack in odd numbers.


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How to Achieve a Pregnancy Glow without being Pregnant

So first off, I am most definitely pregnant, 33 weeks plus 4 day to be exact. The reason I named my blog post as such is because I have been getting a lot of complements from family, friends and various people that I cross path with about my pregnancy glow.

I am not sure how much of it has anything to do with my pregnancy but instead how diligent I have been with my skincare routine the past 6 months or so. I have spent the past 14 or 15 months trying different products and have finally settled on a routine about 6 months ago. I am pretty happy with this routine and definitely have noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. Now if only had I started taking care of my skin in my 20s instead of my mid 30s. Also, something to note is that I NEVER wear foundation so my focus has been to even my skin tone and make my skin more healthy.

My morning routine:

  1. Wash my face with Youth to the People Superfood antioxidant cleanser. Now, I don’t always my face with a cleanser in the morning. I usually wash it with just water first and see how it feels. I don’t want to wash away all the natural oil from my face. However, it does feel more oily than I like, than I would
  2. Use this Rose floral toner  to tone my face using this super soft cotton pad. A toner is important to restore your pH balance after cleansing your face.
  3. Eye cream is a must given my age, and this one by Fresh is my go to.
  4. Being in Florida, I get a lot of exposure to the sun so a good vitamin C serum is really important to me. I apply this vitamin C serum to my face and have noticed my skin tone more even and firm.
  5. Then I apply my favorite product of all time and it is this glow oil as my mositurizer. At first I was hesitant about using an oil but it absorbs really quickly and leaves my face glowing all day.
  6. One thing I wish I had done in my 20s is reduce the exposure to UV rays, instead of lying outside baking in the sun without any sun protection. I guess better late than never so now I always make sure I apply sunscreen on my face everyday, even on a cloudy day. I love this one from Supergoop as it is clear and applies matte on my face. It doesn’t feel sticky or leave any residue on my skin.

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My night/after shower routine: 

  1. I always double cleanse my face at night. The first wash is to remove my makeup and sunscreen and I use this one by Farmacy.  The second one is to cleanse my face and I use the same one as in my morning routine.
  2. Use this Rose floral toner  to tone my face using this super soft cotton pad.
  3. I apply this eye cream both day and night.
  4. I love this anti-aging night serum that I have been using the past year or so.
  5. Apply this glow oil as my moisturizer.

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Weekly Routine: 

Once or twice a week, I would use this facial peel. If you are just starting out or if you have more sensitive skin, I would use this one, which is a bit more gentle. The peel is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and brighten skin tone.

I also try to incorporate this overnight mask from one of my Youth to the People a few times a week. So instead of using the glow oil, I would replace it with this mask and leave it overnight. I love that this mask absorbs really well overnight and the next morning, you wake up with an instant glow.

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The key to good skincare is to be consistent. In the past, I have tried to develop a thorough skincare but never stuck to it or was never patient enough to realize the benefits of proper skincare. Also, I am a firm believer that skin care starts within so feeding your body with lots of water and proper nutrients will also help nourish your skin.

I hope you find this helpful.  I am sharing you my specific routine and the products that have worked for me and my skin type.  If you do end up trying some of these products, please let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on them.

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Thanks and as always XO,





Maternity Wear Without Maternity clothes

Guys, just a few more days and I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant which means we are officially in single digit countdown! To say we are excited in anticipation of this baby is an understatement but not being prepared is definitely not one. Our poor baby still does not have a place to sleep.  My goal next week is to start the preparation for the arrival of our new bundle of joy. Stay tune for upcoming nursery, baby gear posts and so much more.

As I am quickly approaching the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to share with you how I built my maternity wardrobe without any maternity clothes. This sweet little boy or girl (it will be a surprise) will be our very last baby.  I didn’t want to invest in clothes that I can only wear a few times or for a few short months. If you are in the same boat as I am or looking for versatile pieces that will accommodate both a growing baby bump and post pregnancy, this is for you.

For the most part, I avoided wearing jeans/pants and stuck to dresses, elastic band skirts, joggers and jumpsuits.

This dress is currently my favorite dress of all time. It is a such a flattering day to day midi dress that comfortably stretches to accommodate a growing belly. It also makes the perfect LBD post pregnancy.


I have owned this Leith dress in multiple colors for a few years now and it has been the perfect go to maternity dress. I also recently purchased this red bohemian dress  that simply drapes over my belly. It is such a statement dress that is comfortable and light weight, perfect for summer.


thumbnail_IMG_1958.jpgIf you are into jumpsuits, then you cannot go wrong with this one. It hits all the marks, affordable, comfortable and on trend. I also got this kimono during the Memorial Day sale to rock at my baby sprinkle in about 2 weeks. And let’s not forget about comfortable nightmare. I have this night gown from Target in all three colors. 

What I Pretty Much Live in These Days




Living in Florida, you can’t really get away without putting on a swimsuit every now and then. I pretty much stick to high waisted bottoms and these have been my affordable go to swim suits during my pregnancy. This blush tunic coverup is my all time favorite.



Accessorizing with a headpiece has been my tool to elevate my maternity wardrobe. If you follow me on Instagram and seen my stories, you’ll notice that I am almost always rocking one of these headbands.





How I Transformed My Not So Desirable Kitchen Into A Beautiful White, Open And Spacious Kitchen.

Guys, we finally renovated our kitchen after contemplating for over 2 years since the day we moved into our 1680 square feet townhouse. After finding out I was pregnant with baby #3, I immediately knew our kitchen had to be gutted and remodeled. Now that I will be nesting with a baby, I knew I needed to love my home.  The kitchen was the one room in my house that I did not love, yet spend the most time in it.

If you ever once thought white kitchens are boring, well I hope to change your mind today. In my opinion, white kitchens are classic and timeless. For our kitchen remodel, I wanted to keep it traditional while adding some modern elements and plenty of visual interest to it.

We didn’t touch the layout as this layout functions great for our family but we pretty much replaced everything.

What we did:

  1. Added taller shaker style cabinets (old cabinets were 30″ in height, new are 42″).
  2. Added crown molding above the cabinets.
  3. Replaced the under cabinet microwave hood with a custom built in hood.
  4. Added open shelves on each side of the hood.
  5. Lowered the bar top to countertop level.
  6. Removed the pantry and replaced it with full height cabinets.
  7. Added deeper cabinets over the refrigerator and panels on each side.
  8. Replaced the travertine backsplash with white 3″x12″ subway tiles.
  9. Added shiplap above the shelves and cabinets and on the back of the peninsula.
  10. Added lighting above the shelves.
  11. Replaced the tile floors to waterproof/kid proof vinyl wood floors.
  12. Replaced the speckled corian countertop to the Calcatta gold quartz countertop.
  13. Added the waterfall effect to the countertop of the peninsula.
  14. Replaced hardware, faucet and sink.

IMG_0428 2

Despite the layout remaining the exact same, the kitchen now feels a lot more open and spacious. The taller cabinets, the open shelves, the lowering of the bar top, the replacement of the pantry with full height cabinets all played a significant role in this.

The rectangular hood above the range may appear simple but definitely added a modern statement to the overall look and feel of the kitchen.  The simple black hardware, stainless steel apron sink, champagne gold faucet and industrial glass pendant lights all added the perfect modern balance to a traditional kitchen.


The shiplap, the crown molding, the beautiful veins on the Quartz countertop and most definitely the waterfall effect adds drama and keeps your eyes captivated despite the very white and neutral color palette.

I absolutely love how our kitchen has turned out and excited to be making many more memories with my family here. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on white kitchens. If you didn’t like them before, was I able to convince you otherwise.


Before Photos (of when we purchased this home):

12 Simple Tips on How to Make Traveling With Tiny Humans Just A Little Easier.

Traveling with young children may seem scary, I get it! I know many parents who avoid traveling altogether, because they fear how their children will be, when confined in a small aircraft, away from their comfort space and off their routine. This is definitely a fair and a legitimate concern.

If you have followed me for a while, you’ll know that my husband and I both love to travel.  One of my favorite philosophies in life is that “variety is the spice of life”.  Nothing offers more variety than being able to see, experience and immerse yourself in different cultures and lifestyles from around the world. It is important to us that our children learns to appreciate the uniqueness and complexity of different cultures and understand the vastness of what this world has to offer. Not all classrooms need to be made up of four walls.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

Having said that, traveling with kids can be a lot of work so I have tried my best to outline as many key tips for you to make your experience as positive as it can be. Let me be clear, I have had my fair share of disastrous trips so I want to help you prevent that from happening.  Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on a vacation and NO ONE is happy!

1. Be realistic about your travels: No one knows your child best so be realistic about your destination, activities and duration. For example, if you have a young toddler that does NOT like to walk for a long period of time, don’t plan long hiking trips unless you are fit enough to be carrying your child for most of the hike.


2. Accommodate some routine in your travel plans. I definitely think you should be able to relax a bit when you’re travelling. The reality is, you are on vacation and there are places you want to go, and things you want to see.  Accommodating every nap, every routine, every day, is probably not realistic. However, we all know that kids are better and happier when they on a routine.

My rule of thumb is when we skip naps for one or two days, we’ll try to accommodate naps the following day. Or if we went to bed late one night, then the following night, we would try to go to bed earlier or at least on time.  I consider this as an opportunity for your child to reset. The last thing you want is to have a tired child having an epic meltdown in the middle of the streets, while hundreds of tourists stare at you. I speak from experience! This on routine, off routine (or reset) method worked really well for us when our kids were younger. However, every child is different, so the schedule that worked for us may not necessarily work for you. You know your child best so determine a schedule/rhythm that works best for him or her.  It may take a few trials and error before you get it down so be patient! As your kids get older, it will get easier to skip the day to day routines.

3. Book flight times around your children’s schedule. If it is a long flight, book an overnight flight if possible. It will be dark and late so they will most likely be tired and sleep through most of it. If it is a shorter flight, try to schedule it around their nap time.  Sometimes the perfect flight time may cost more, so do what makes the most sense for your family financially. Any hour you can get them sleeping on a flight, the better and less stressful it is for you. If napping/sleeping is not an option, then select a time where your child is easiest to accommodate such as in the morning, after they had a full night of rest. Tired kids are often cranky ones.


4. Keep them busy on flights. The older your child is, the easier it is with flights. I personally had great traveling experiences with my kids when they were babies. They slept, ate snacks and when they got cranky, I would nurse them and that usually did a great job of calming them. Make sure to pack lots of snacks if you are traveling with infants, it will come in handy.  For toddlers, if you are open to screen time, then iPads and tablets are great. Download activities, games, and shows prior to your flight so they can occupy themselves with that.  Now if you’re like me and try to limit screen time, bring activities. I always hit up the local dollar store. For $10 or so, I can get a number of coloring books, fun packs, playdoh and some simple sticker crafts that will keep them busy for hours. Reusable sticker pads and audio books were also great hits with my boys.

5. Don’t care about the other people on your flight! For some reason, this is hard for most people.  We get so occupied with not disturbing other flyers, and completely stress ourselves over it. Most people are understanding when they see you traveling with young children.  But trust me, I’ve gotten a few eye rolls here and there (definitely not often), as I walked down the aisle by the business class section by myself with two young children. You know what, I don’t care! I have the right to be on that flight with my kids just as much as anyone else does. The reality is, most of these people were once in your shoes at one point or another.  If they can’t sympathize with you, then that is too bad, and makes me want to care less about what they think.

6. Pack as much as you need (yes, this is probably different from what you are used to hearing). I’m not saying pack your entire house for all your trips, but if there is something that is going to make your trip easier, then why not bring it. For example, we went to Portugal this past summer and my husband didn’t want to bring a stroller. I thought he was crazy. Yes, my 5-year-old should be walking for most of the trip, but let’s be serious, there was a LOT of walking and he’s going to be tired, along with my 3-year-old! I am a fan of catering your trips appropriately to accommodate your family type. However, unless you have all the time in the world or a lot of money, you’ll want to get the most out of your trip. If you need a stroller so you can see or do more, then by all means, bring a stroller! Bring what makes your trip easier. If you think the benefit of having something outweighs the inconvenience of having to bring it, then bring it!


7. A little planning goes a long way. As romantic as the idea of being spontaneous may sound, routine and structure are good for kids. Plan ahead the various activities that you would like to do or places you would like to visit and create a travel itinerary. This way, you can accommodate some of your children’s routine as outlined in tip #2.  For example, you don’t have to go back to your hotel everyday for your kids to nap, but if you are going to have a car, plan for your kids to nap while you drive from one destination to another or in the stroller as you push them to the next location.

8. Hand sanitizers are a must. Make sure it is in each bag. Let’s get real, kids are gross! Prevent germs from spreading or kids getting sick so pack those hand sanitizers.

9. Be flexible with the your travel plans. Now if you created an itinerary as suggested above, realize that with younger kids, you might not be able to tackle everything on that list. Prioritize your list of things to see and do each day, and try to get through the ones highest in priority first. Be flexible to move things around if you can’t get to something on a certain day. I think we often forget that we’re not able to move as quickly with younger children.

10. Make sure to include kid friendly activities or attractions in your trip. Most kids don’t get excited about art galleries, museums and sight-seeing. We took the kids to the aquarium in Lisbon in Park of Nations and they had a blast. They are on vacation too, so plan something fun for them as well.

11. If your child is old enough, give him or her a camera. I did this with Lucas in Portugal and it was probably one of the best things I did on this trip. He felt empowered with his camera and it provoked his curiosity wherever we went.  He was excited to go sight-seeing because he could capture the experience himself.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

12. Last but not least, JUST HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself and not stress over everything. Traveling is about being present and immersing yourself in new experiences and having cool stories to tell later on. Appreciate the people you are with, in the surrounding you are in, so go have some fun!




Simple Ways to Bring Fall Inside Your Home

As you know, I reside in Florida so the closest things we have to Fall at this time of the year are pumpkins and various colors of mums found in grocery stores in mid 80 to 90 temperatures. So it doesn’t really feel like Autumn around here and you MUST know that this is my absolute favorite season!!!

I miss being able to dress for this time of the year with all the layers, cozy  sweaters, jackets of all sorts and BOOTS! I MISS MY BOOTS!!! I remember the first year I moved to Florida, the day after Labor Day, I totally had my OTK boots on. I couldn’t tell you how silly I felt, as not only was I sweating in them but EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE were in flip flops, even the men, which you almost never see up North. But that’s not going to stop me from embracing all the warm hues and beautiful rustic elements of this season. I  might not be able to rock the oversized cozy sweaters and booties that have been blowing up my Instagram or take evening strolls watching the leaves grow old in vibrant colors of yellow, orange and red. But I can definitely sit inside the comfort of my cozy Autumn home sipping on a pumpkin spice latte in my super fuzzy slippers.

Here are a few easy ways to bring the beautiful season of Fall into your home:

1. You know Pumpkins were going to be on my list so it might as well be the first one. I can’t seem to resist them at this time of the year despite knowing very well that they will NOT last long given the Florida heat and humidity. Nothing screams Fall more than pumpkins. They come in various sizes and colors so make sure to grab a few and scatter them on your mantle, coffee table, entry way table, shelves and/or front porch. Instantly Fall has found its way into your home. If you prefer more of a neutral decor like myself, then white pumpkins/gourds are perfect for you.  IMG_6502.JPG

2. In fashion, plaid is a big hit at this time of the year.  This is when I love rocking button down shirts/flannels, my way of incorporating the season into my wardrobe even with the lack of cooler temps. This same trend can also be applied to the interior of your home. Plaid throw pillows and towels can easily be staples in every house and will allow you to maintain the color scheme of your decor. They never go out of style and really can be used anytime of the year. Texture and layering is quintessential to a cool Autumn day so this is a great time to add hearty texture to your decor. Bring out the faux fur, chunky knits and velvet throw blankets and pillows to add that touch of coziness.


(Image found on

3. When I think of fall, I think of nature, being in the woods surrounded by trees with tons of leaves, some on the tree and some scattered on the ground. So add some rustic elements and wood tones to your decor. Replace a ceramic planter or vase with a wooden one and you’ll be surprised how warm your space will feel. LRG_DSC06354

4. Flowers are always a nice touch to every home. If you’re like me and can’t keep plants alive to save your life, flowers are a great way to add life and a pop of color to your home. To celebrate this season, add some mums to your front porch in rustic planters and you are set. Fresh cut sunflowers in a vase is another great way to showcase that warm Fall hue  in your decor.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

5. Yellow, Green, Orange, Red and Brown are the probably the colors that come to mind during this season. If that is your thing, by all means, incorporate these colors to your home. If you are like me and prefer a more neutral palette, instead of introducing bright orange pillows to your couch, find a more subtle way to introduce these tones to your home, such as adding amber glass jars/vases for your shelves or in my case, hand soap/lotion bottles. It doesn’t have to be extreme or over the top, subtle touches are often the most impactful!

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset

Also try shopping from your own house. It is likely that you have something stored away that you can reuse or repurpose and that is really the best way to shop! I brought out my olive-green hunter boots and placed it by the entry way for that extra touch of Fall. The reality is I NEVER wear them but you know what, that’s ok because it makes me happy! I also have an oversized plaid scarf that I’ve had since my days in Toronto and now I use it as a throw blanket for this time of the year.

I would love to hear what you have done to incorporate Fall into your home. Please feel free to share your tips in the comments below.





How to Create a Fun and Simple Kid’s Halloween Tablescape.

Earlier this month, I shared my thought of creating a Fall tablescape with my Instagram followers and asked if they were interested in seeing a Thanksgiving or Halloween tablescape?  The vote was unanimous and the conclusion was Halloween. Everyone wanted something for their kids, so here it is!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Initially I was going to put together a pretty and elegant Halloween table for you. Then I remembered that everyone that voted, voted because they wanted something fun to share with their kids. Having that in mind, my goal for this Halloween table was to create something that is:

  1. Simple
  2. Whimsical
  3. Affordable and
  4. Low-maintenance

Kids are messy and they probably couldn’t care less whether they are eating on fancy china with gold flatware or paper plates and plastic forks.

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To decorate my entire table, I opted to use some of my existing Halloween decorations such as the pumpkins, banners, candle holder, the faux blood napkin, halloween tree with ornaments and skeleton. So feel free to dig through your Halloween box tucked away in your garage or basement and see what you can use to create your own whimsical Halloween table. Everything else I purchased from the dollar section at Target: the broomsticks, the pumpkin paper plates, napkins, mini black caldron, faux plants, mini mason jars, paper straws and black tablecloth.

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We absolutely LOVE Halloween in our family! As much as I didn’t want to make it over the top scary, I did want to add some of the traditional Halloween ghoul. That is why I decided to add the skeleton (Mr. Bones) in one of the seats to play up the fun factor and have him enjoy the meal with the kids. Now if anyone is scared, then he can easily be removed and put back into his grave :). I also added some faux spider webs over the centerpiece (the Halloween tree) but did not add any creepy crawlers because I wanted to keep it light and those could be too much while trying to enjoy a meal.


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My table was set outside because I live in Florida and there are very few months where a meal outside is actually enjoyable.  Since it is typically a bit cooler during the month of October, I figured this would be a great opportunity to eat outside. Also, I usually have some fun craft and decorating activities for the kids after their meal so keeping the mess outside would definitely help maintain my sanity.

To style this table I used less than $20 to purchase everything I needed, on top of the existing decor I already had. This was very simple and inexpensive to create. Your kids and their friends would absolutely love it, Even if you are not planning a kids party, why not simply enjoy a fun halloween family dinner with your kiddos! Enjoy guys and Happy Halloween!