Westchase Master Ensuite

This master ensuite underwent a complete transformation. It started off as a dark, basic and cluttered bathroom to a bight, spacious oasis full of character and charming details.

The biggest transformation of this space occurred by not adding something to it but by removing one of the vanities located in the back corner of the room. We then converted the second vanity into a 60″ double vanity, which is plenty of space for 2 people. By removing the smaller vanity, there is now room to add a beautiful stand alone tub and the opportunity to extend the shower. And seriously, who does not want a bigger shower?

Original Layout:

westchase original layout

New Layout:

westchase new layout

Rendered Photos of Design Concept:



“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” ~ Coco Chanel. Every element that makes up this bathroom is simple and understated, from neutral tones; to subway tiles; to the white acrylic bathtub; to wood like tiles; to the distressed ship lap nailed to the wall, but when put together, there is an undeniable level of elegance. The finishing touches of mixing new with “old” and brass with bronze elevates this design.

Final Result:


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Before photos:



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