South Tampa Mediteranean Home

It is not often I get asked to design an exterior of a house. So despite it not being my strength, when I was asked to enhance the curb appeal of this South Tampa home, I was eager to accept the challenge.

This home is in an up and coming neighborhood nestled in between a few new builds. Within the next few years, I anticipate that many of the older bungalow homes will be torn down and rebuilt into larger homes. To ensure this house keeps up with the developing neighborhood, we made a number of changes to enhance the exterior of this house:

  1. We removed all the pediments and parapets on the exterior of the house.
  2. We added a porch, a must have in Florida given the amount of rain we get here. And if you are an online shopper like my client, you’ll definitely need something to shield those packages from bad weather.
  3. We dug into the ground and lowered and the door as well as replace it with a new one. The original design of the house had 4 steps going up into the house and once you entered the house, there were 3 steps going down. We lowered and reframed the door, so now there is only one step up from the outside and no more steps going down upon entering the house.
  4. We added new brick pavers and landscaping.
  5. We painted the entire house and got rid of the yellow exterior paint color.





Processed with VSCO with al1 preset


Before photos:




This house underwent quite the transformation and is looking absolutely fabulous fitting nicely into the neighborhood.



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