Simple Ways to Style a Sophisticated Coffee Table

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” ~ Leonardo Davinci. This is a motto that guides my design principles.

I like to keep things simple and minimal allowing each design feature and decor item to speak for itself. This is the same rule I apply when I am styling a coffee table.


Tips on how to style a coffee table that will accommodate almost any style:

  1. I always love adding fresh flowers, plants or greenery to add life and color to a room. It could be as simple as fresh flowers in a mason jar, as I have here, or potted plants or some faux greenery in a vase.
  2. I have a number of items on my coffee table such as the candle, vase, paper weight and bead garland. To keep it looking clean and clutter free, I added a tray to store all the items. I chose a tray that complements the decor of my home. In my case I chose this gold mirror tray that really ties in all the pieces adding a level of sophistication to the overall look of the coffee table.
  3. To create visual interest, I added some contrasting pieces such as the natural wood bead garland wrapped around the mason jar next to the polish gold apple paper weight. The different material choices immediately draws your attention to it, not in a negative way but in a complementary way.
  4. The purpose of the candle here is to add varying height to the coffee table. If everything on the table is the same height, it will often look boring and cluttered. By adding objects with varying heights it keeps the eye moving and captivated. That and I simple love candles. You’ll see them pretty much in every room of my house (with the exception of the kid’s room and their bathroom). They are pretty to have around but also keep the house smelling fresh!
  5. Coffee table books are just one of my favorite accessories in the house. Find one that interests you and they are often very well designed so it looks great in any home. It also allows your guest something to browse when they are visiting. Magazines are also great options and you can always stack them to create varying height as mentioned above in #4. Rule of thumb: stack in odd numbers.


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